5 Tips for Protecting Your House Through Vacant Home Insurance While You Are on a Vacation

5 Tips for Protecting Your House Through Vacant Home Insurance While You Are on a Vacation

Everyone wants to go on a long vacation and see the world. This desire of wandering and seeing the sights is nothing new. Every human since the time of Adam himself has lived with a spark of adventure within them. It is what makes us humans. Many people wish to live their lives while seeing the many wonders this planet has to offer them. Undoubtedly, once space travel starts in earnest, the tourists will be the ones making most use of it. However, going on an adventure does not mean your domestic problems leave you behind. You still have to worry about what you left behind. A Vacant Home Insurance is designed to protect you from that anxiety. It will also give you a measure of safety assurance.

Bilbo Baggins certainly did not have a Vacant Home Insurance when going on his adventure to kill a dragon. And look where it got him. When he came back, his house and all his belongings were being sold to the highest bidder. What travesty.

Even if people go on a long vacation, they do not wish to leave their properties behind unprotected. They know that they have to come back one day, so why not get appropriate protection. Vacant Home Insurance is specifically designed for these situations.

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According to an estimate, there are more than 1.5 Million vacant homes within United States. This is a huge number. Though, the liabilities that come with such an action are equally huge.

Importance of Vacant Home Insurance

There is a measure of protection for a vacant house in the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. However, this policy is limited. are several limitations attached to the policy. Its protection is nowhere close to protection provided by a Vacant Home Insurance.

The majority of Homeowner’s policies provide protection to a vacant house for 30 days maximum. Any damages occurring to the property after that time in any way, shape or form will not be covered for. Such limitations make a homeowner’s insurance policy extremely inefficient in case you wish to go on a vacation. When the above-mentioned specific time period has passed, only Fire and Property Owners Liability remains functional.

Misconceptions About a Vacant House

There are many insurance holders who wrongfully believe that an unoccupied house is at less risk than an occupied one. They cannot be more wrong. The damages done to an occupied house are discovered easily. Subsequently, they are also promptly quelled. In contrast, any damage done to an unoccupied home will remain undiscovered for quite some time.

Suppose a short circuit causes fire to ignite in your basement. If you are within the house, you will immediately get alert because of the smell or flickering lights. You will immediately call 911 and hope to overcome the situation before it becomes out of control. The damages in a vacant house take time to discover. That is why vacant house insurance is one of the most important policies for vacationers.

Tips for Protecting Your House via Vacant House Insurance

When you buy an insurance policy, it is imperative you follow all the guidelines. Otherwise, the protection received will be minimal. There are negligence clauses in most policies which prevent the policy from coming into effect. You need to make sure that you are aware of all policy conditions before signing off on it. Vacant Home Insurance is similar in that regard. To receive maximum possible protection, you must follow the following guidelines;

1. You need to make sure that there is a responsible person who can supervise and check your vacant house. This person must check the house internally, as well as externally. You can entrust this duty to a family member or a neighbor by giving them extra keys to front door. They must check your house at least once a week.

2. The surrounding property, as well as the house must remain maintained during your absence. You need to make arrangements before going on your vacation. An unkempt property attracts potential thieves and homeless people like a moth to campfire.

3. Ensure all protections provided for your house are in proper working order. You need to verify that they are full in operation during all times. Receiving full coverage from the Vacant House Insurance Policy is not easy. You must fulfill many requirements. Some of those requirements are;

  • There must be 5 lever mortise deadlocks on the external doors.
  • The patio doors must have key operated bolts in the opening sections.
  • All accessible windows must have key operated security locks.

Generally, the Vacant Home Insurance policies do not provide coverage if above protections are not undertaken.

4. Make sure to unplug all electrical appliances. Disconnect everything other than the connections necessary to maintain central heating and alarm system.

5. Your homeowner’s insurance is not enough for coverage if your home remains unoccupied for more than a month. If you plan on leaving your home vacant for that long, be sure to buy the Vacant Home Insurance. This policy will provide you with ample protection for your unoccupied property.

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