8 Important Facts About Obamacare Insurance That You Might Not Know About

8 Important Facts About Obamacare Insurance That You Might Not Know About

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or simply Affordable Care Act (ACA) is more commonly known as Obamacare. Obamacare insurance has already affected you, whether you have taken its advantage or not. It is an extremely comprehensive and complicated piece of legislation. Review the following facts to determine its effects on you that you might not have been aware of;

1) Real Purpose of Obamacare Insurance Services is to Lower the Cost of Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid combined cost the U.S. Government more than $1 Trillion every year. The amount spent on these two programs is higher than any other single budget item on U.S. agenda. Moreover, this spending is projected to increase even more in the future. By the year 2027, the spending on Medicare and Medicaid will be higher than $1.6 Trillion. This is one of the real reasons Obamacare insurance was launched in the first place. It is designed to limit the government spending on these two programs.

2) ACA is Changing the Way Healthcare Functions

The doctors, pharmacists and various other healthcare providers are forced to change their modes of operations. All records of patients are now recorded electronically to share the diagnosis and treatment. The accountability of healthcare providers has dramatically increased. Every Obamacare insurance’s company emphasizes on these changes.

3) Obamacare Has Improved Overall Insurance Plans

All healthcare plans are required to provide at least 10 essential health benefits. No health insurance plan may cause exclusions based on pre-existing conditions. The companies are unable to drop people because they get sick. Parents have the option of including their children on their plans till the age of 26. The lifetime limits and annual limits are eliminated.

4) Obamacare in More Beneficial for Middle Class than Poor Class

A family of four in the United States earns around $79,698 on average. The subsidies in Obamacare insurance usually go to the families that earn roughly between $47,000 and $94,000 a year. All the families in this earnings bracket will count as middle class since they earn roughly 200-400% of the federal poverty level.

5) More than Half the People who are Eligible for Subsidies in Obamacare Remain Unaware

In 2018, 17 Million individuals qualified for subsidies in Obamacare Insurance because of their lack of employer sponsored insurance. However, only 6.6 Million among them signed up for it.

6) ACA Does Not Provide Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants

Instead of providing health insurance to immigrants; Obamacare provides an expansion to community health clinics. The illegal immigrants are encouraged to make use of these clinics instead of crowding the emergency rooms. This allows the overall healthcare cost to drop for everyone.

7) Obamacare Insurance prompts individuals to Get a Health Insurance or Pay the Tax

The United States citizens are encouraged to get a health insurance for at least 9 months in a year. If they do not get it; they must pay the healthcare tax. However, this provision was repealed by Trump Administration in 2019.

8) The Obamacare has Sections That Provide More Than Insurance

There are 10 sections of Obamacare legislation which implement programs other than healthcare.

  • It created a council that promotes healthy and drug free lifestyle on federal level.
  • There are scholarships and loans available through ACA whose aim is to double healthcare providers in numbers within 5 years.
  • All nursing home staff are subject to background information to prevent abuse of patients.


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