A Quick Look into Valuable Articles Insurance Policies

A Quick Look into Valuable Articles Insurance Policies

Many people have a habit of collecting valuables. They take pride in their collections. Valuable Articles Insurance Policies Coverage for such collectibles against damage and theft.

These Valuable Articles Insurance could include:


Such as, necklaces, lockets, rings for women and wrist watches, studded cufflinks etc. for men.

Valuable Paintings

Several art enthusiasts have a habit of collecting paintings.

Musical Instruments

Music enthusiasts can collect guitars, cellos, drums etc. for personal pleasure. Renowned Celebrity Musicians often sign these instruments. Making the instruments even more valuable.

Sports Items

Sports enthusiasts collect cricket balls, baseball bats, footballs, rugby balls. Mainly for the sake of propriety or conversation starters. True enthusiasts even collect signed items by renowned sports stars. Increasing their value exponentially.

Historical Memorabilia

History enthusiasts collect old fossils, bones etc. Others more interested in human war history. And collect ancient armors, arrowheads, shields, swords, spears etc.


Many old families have a tradition of collecting wines. Since the times of their grandparents, and even earlier. There are private collections in Europe. Which boast wine collections as old as the late nineteenth century.

Personal Memorabilia

These are the items which have a personal value to a person or a family. Your Grandfather’s Red Cross that he was granted in World War 2. Trophies, medals won by you or your children. A collection of coins, stamps or currency bills from around the world are all itemized as personal memorabilia.

Parameters of Valuable Personal Articles Insurance

It is important to find a proper valuable articles insurance carrier. Who understands the value and worth of these treasures. Not only in their monetary value. But also their emotional value to you and your family. The special possessions that you have inherited from your loved ones. Or the ones you have painstakingly collected. Over your life must be recognized and protected.

Better Safe Then Sorry

In today’s world there is always a risk of accident. A visiting family at your home, kids playing around. One of them knocks a valuable vase down on the floor and shatters it. Because of a short circuit flaw in your basement. Blows your fuse and sparks a fire near your valuable wine collection ruins it completely. Or perhaps a busing thief gets wind of your valuable paintings. Or jewelry collection and makes plans to steal it. Notwithstanding given examples, there are a lot more scenarios. From which protection is necessary to be secured by the means of a Valuable Articles Insurance.

Wrong Expectations of Homeowner’s Insurance

People sometimes erroneously assume that. Their personal articles are covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. While it is true that homeowner’s policy does provide coverage for valuable items. But its scope and reach is very limited. It does not provide full coverage. For the complete value of those items, especially more valuable ones.

Prudence is Necessary

That is why it is better to have a separate policy. Which provides a protection solely for your such valuables. Which carry monetary or personal value to you. Your treasured items should be protected for their true value. Therefore, they must be apprised for their complete worth in an insurance policy. Which provides the broadest possible coverage in lieu of Valuable Articles Insurance.

Their true value and apprised for their complete worth in an insurance policy. Hence, it provides the broadest possible coverage in lieu of Valuable Articles Insurance.

There are several advantages to keeping a separate policy for your valuables than your homeowner’s policy. Some of them are;

All-Risk Coverage

Most valuable articles insurance policies provide coverage for all potential risks. They typically also carry no deductibles. Unlike the Homeowner’s insurance policy. If you insure your valuable collectibles under the homeowner’s policy. It will be subjected to typical exclusions. And deductibles that are in accordance with the policy. All-risk policies are offered by certain carriers. Which provide coverage from every imaginable risk. Unless its exemption is explicitly stated in the policy. Such policies, especially a homeowner’s policy with an all-risk. Clause will be exponentially more expensive. A separate policy for your valuables would still be more efficient and less expensive.

Worldwide Coverage

There are frequent travelers who like to traverse the globe for pleasure or business. If you are one of them. Consequently, it is important for you to carry a valuable articles personal insurance policy. That follows you on your globetrotting. Imagine losing a valuable diamond ring. That your husband gifted you with. The insurance carriers realize the value of such items. And provide you with a relief. Consequently, they are covered for if you lose them far away from home.

Mysterious Disappearance

Traditional Homeowner’s policies do not cover lost or misplaced items. However, the valuable articles insurance policy offers automatic coverage. For misplaced, stolen or lost items.

Blanket or Scheduled Coverage

You can customize your Valuable articles policy. To provide a blanket protection for an entire collection of valuables, as a result. Which fall under the same category. On the other hand, you can schedule items individually by their type or value too.

SGA Financial Inc. can provide you with a valuable articles insurance in Dallas, Texas. There are numerous benefits of having a standalone Valuable Articles policy, as stated above. We understand the years. That you have spent investing in managing your collections. We recognize that our clients cherish their possessions. And strive to protect and teach them. About why it’s valuable to have a collections policy that is personal to them. If I live in the area, it is always wise to carry a valuables articles insurance policy near me.