Benefits of Purchasing a Valuable Articles Insurance

Benefits of Purchasing a Valuable Articles Insurance

Many people collect valuables habitually and take great pride in their collections. Valuable Articles Insurance provides coverage for these collectibles against damages and theft. The valuable articles could refer to any item or items which are expensive or treasured. Such as;

1. Jewelry

Necklaces, Lockets, Rings, Wrist Watches, Studded Cufflinks, and Valuable Stones etc.

2. Valuable Paintings

Antique or Contemporary Art; Paintings, Impressions, Depictions, or Sculptures etc.

3. Musical Instruments

Guitars, Cellos, Drums etc. Some people are especially enthusiastic about collecting instruments signed by their favorite musicians.

4. Sports Paraphernalia

Cricket Balls & Bats, Footballs, Rugby Balls, Tennis Rackets etc. Some enthusiasts also collect signed sports paraphernalia, which is extremely valuable.

5. Historical Memorabilia

Old Fossils, Bone Fragments, Pottery, Body Armor, Arrowheads, Shields, Swords, Bucklers, and Spears etc.

6. Wine

Old wine, spirit, whiskey collections etc. Several families have a tradition of collecting wines.

7. Personal Memorabilia

The items with personal value to a person or a family. A Red Cross granted to your grandfather in World War 2. Cups, Trophies, and Medals won by you or your children. Coin, Stamps, Different Currency Bills etc. would be itemized as personal memorabilia.

Importance of Valuable Articles Insurance

You must find this Services who understand and appreciate the worth of your valuables. Sometimes, the monetary value appreciation is not enough. Many items have far more personal value to people than they do in the market. such items could represent the love, family and friends to an individual. These items are also categorized as ‘Valuables’.

There is a special relevance of this Coverage in Covid-19 Outbreak. You could be stuck in a foreign city, state or country because of the travel restrictions. People might even resort to theft because they have no means of employment. This policy would prove its usefulness under such circumstances.

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There is always a risk of accidents. They can occur anytime and anywhere. For Example;

  • Suppose, your relatives visit your house. Small children are playing and running all over. One of them accidentally knocks down a valuable vase.
  • A sudden surge in voltage could cause your fuse to blow. It might spark a fire near your valuable wine collection. No doubt, it would be completely ruined.
  • A professional thief could get wind of your personal jewelry collection. The thief would likely make plans to steal your valuables.

These are but a few scenarios when insurance would become extremely useful. You must purchase Valuable Articles Coverage to gain better protection for the things you love and value.

Valuable Articles Insurance Vs. Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

People assume that their costly and valuable personal articles are fully covered under homeowner’s Coverage policy. This is not always the case. The Homeowner’s Policy provides a very limited coverage for the valuable articles. The maximum limits very policy to policy. But these limits are not big enough to actually matter in any Home Insurance. That is why it is essential to purchase a Valuable Items Insurance for proper protection of your valuables.

A separate policy, designed to specifically protect your valuables can be invaluable. A homeowner’s policy would only provide you with a pittance compared to the real value of the valuable. The separate policy, with a singular focus to protect your valuables, can give you the broadest possible protection.

Benefits of Valuable Articles Insurance

There are many benefits of buying a Valuable Articles Policy. The most important among them are;

1. Less Limitations

A Valuable Articles Coverage provides coverage for many potential risks. It has no deductibles, unlike a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. In addition, there are many exclusions associated with a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. If you purchase this policy as an addition to the home insurance, it will be subjected to same limitations. On the other hand, a separate policy would be completely unique and independent of any parent policy. Some carriers can also offer you an All-Risk Insurance Policy. Such policies provide protection against every imaginable risk, unless they have been specifically exempted. These policies are understandably more expensive than their traditional counterparts. But their importance and scope circumvent such spendings.

2. Worldwide Coverage

A Homeowner’s insurance rarely fulfills claims for stolen or damaged goods away from home. Suppose, you lost your engagement ring on a visit to a foreign country. This particular ring was extremely valuable to you and has belonged to your family for generations. If you merely rely on a homeowner’s insurance for coverage of such a valuable ring, you will be sorely disappointed. A Valuable Article Coverage is the only policy which will provide you with sure way of coverage.

3. Mysterious Disappearance

Lost or misplaced items are generally not covered in traditional Homeowner’s policies. You need the Valuable Articles Coverage for the automatic coverage for misplaced, stolen or lost items.

4. Blanket or Scheduled Coverage

Valuable Articles Coverage is customizable for the customer. It can provide a blanket protection for an entire collection of similar valuables. It can also schedule items individually by their type or value.

Protect Your Valuables Through the Best Coverage in Texas

SGA Financial Inc. can provide you with the Best Valuable Articles Insurance in Texas. We offer many benefits for a standalone policy, as stated above. It is understandable that you have spent investing in managing your collections. We recognize your effort and wish to protect those valuables. We can teach you the value of buying a collections policy that is personal to them.