Can We Buy Many Insurance Policies at The Same Time?

Can We Buy Many Insurance Policies at The Same Time?

“Expect the Unexpected”, this is one of the most basic principles of living a happy life. Nothing is a constant in your life. Anything can go wrong unexpectedly; either by malicious action, or simply by bad luck. That’s why, it is prudent for you to buy a collection of Insurance Policies for yourself and your loved ones.


Insurance is a way for you to safeguard your interests should anything happen. Insurance is the ultimate contingency.

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There are countless options for Insurance Policies available in the market. Many financial experts agree that you need many different policies to properly safeguard your interests. It is often difficult to determine which policy you need to purchase, and which ones you can afford to ignore. Some policies are legally required, while others are bought because it is common sense. There are several factors which influence your insurance portfolio; such as family, age, lifestyle, social class, employment benefits etc.

4 Essential Insurance Policies

The following four are generally regarded as ‘must-have’ type if Insurance Policies;

1. Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one of the more essential forms of Insurance Policies. It provides coverage for your funeral expenses and a hefty fund for your family. This policy is extremely important for those individuals who have families depending on them financially. It is recommended that you buy a life insurance policy for 10 times your annual salary. However, this estimate is not an absolute; merely a recommendation. Many factors determine how much coverage you actually need. Such as;

  • Mortgage
  • Outstanding Loans
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Taxes
  • Child Care
  • Future College Costs

It is estimated that 33% families are not able to meet their expenses if their primary breadwinner dies. That is why the importance of Life Insurance cannot be overstated.

2. Health Insurance

Health Insurance is without a doubt, one of the most essential forms of Insurance Policies. The cost of medical healthcare is very high in the United States. Without insurance, the chances of becoming bankrupt are very great. It is estimated around 66% of cases of bankruptcy between 2013 and 2016 were caused by excessive healthcare bills. This is a very alarming situation. You should either obtain a healthcare policy, or extend the existing one. Even a minimal policy is better than no policy at all.

Some employer’s also offer healthcare incentives to their employees. Do not hesitate to participate in these plans if you have the opportunity. However, only larger organizations offer such incentives. If you do not gain such an opportunity, there are alternate methods of gaining health insurance services. There are some trade organizations or associations which offer plans to join group health policies. If nothing works for you, then you must buy your healthcare insurance policy from a private health insurance provider. SG Financial Inc. is one such provider in the State of Texas.

3. Auto Insurance

It is estimated that there are more than 6 million annual auto accidents in the United States. Approximately 38,800 people have died in such accidents during 2019. Road is not a safe place, but it is also unavoidable to travel. These statistics clearly show how important it is to obtain an Auto Insurance Policy. Most of the States require drivers to have auto insurance, but not all. You can be subject to random checks to ensure you have auto insurance in the States which legally require it. The penalties for not carrying an insurance can range from a simple fine to suspension of driving license.

Auto Insurance Policy does not just provide coverage for fixing the broken vehicle. It also covers medical expenses. Moreover, if you are subject to litigation, the auto insurance will provide coverage for it as well. Any damage to your vehicle from vandalism, natural disaster, or even vandalism is also covered.

All Insurance Policies have different sets of perimeters which determine its cost. The same holds true for auto insurance. Your age, driving record and the area where you live are some of the glaring factors. You should constantly check to see if you are getting the best possible coverage. Make a comparison between different policies and see if you qualify for the best.

4. Home Insurance

Home Insurance is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It provides protection against any damage to your home and possessions from accident, elements or theft. Almost every mortgage company requires the borrowers to buy a Homeowners Policy for the full and fair value of property. They refuse to do business without buying such Insurance Policies.

Owning a house is not a requirement for buying Home Insurance. even the landlords require their tenants to carry a renter’s insurance policy. It is not only smart to carry this policy, but also necessary.

Access the Best Insurance Policies in Texas

Most experts believe that above mentioned four Insurance Policies must be obtained to live a good life. You must always check with your employer first. If such an opportunity is not available, then you can buy them privately. SG Financial Inc. is the Best Insurance Agency in Texas. We can help you acquire a collection of policies which will help you in personal, as well as professional life.