Protect Your Business with Best General Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business with Best General Liability Insurance

Allow SGA Financial Inc. to protect your business from claims that arise as a result of the normal business operations. We provide this protection through Business or General Liability Insurance. We typically reserve this insurance for small business-owners. There is plenty of coverage in this commercial policy for third-party bodily injuries, medical payments, and advertising injuries.

As the best insurance provider in Plano, Texas; we can help you get the coverage you need and more.

What Does General Liability Insurance Provide Coverage For?

As stated above, this insurance protects your business from the claims that arise as a result of normal business operations. Most of these claims come in the form of;

  • Property damage
  • Physical injury
  • Defense costs from a lawsuit
  • Personal and advertising injury
What is the Cost of this Insurance?

This insurance does not cost too much as compared to many other forms of businesses. It is especially cheap for small business owners, since they do not have an enterprise large enough. The final cost depends on several factors. Most important among those factors is the type of business you have. SGA Financial Inc. as a affordable insurance agency can help you get such an insurance policy with the right coverage at a great price.

Common Terms to Know While Shopping for General Liability Insurance
  • Property Damage; this term includes claims of damages to the property
  • Medical Payments; the payments for the treatment of injured individual that you must cover
  • Personal & Advertising Injury; coverage for the damages incurred from being sued for libel or slander