Tips for Safety and Guidance in Watercraft and Boat Insurance

Tips for Safety and Guidance in Watercraft and Boat Insurance

Every enthusiast recognizes the absolute need for safety while they are staying or travelling on water. You can get this protection for your personal crafts by purchasing a watercraft and boat insurance. Coverage for a personal watercraft is not provided by your homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance. And if they do, the coverage is pretty limited. You need separate policy for this type of craft, a policy that can do justice to your hobby and enthusiasm.

Following are five tips for safety and guidance. You must take them into consideration when purchasing a personal watercraft and boat insurance policy;

1. Get a Specific Watercraft and Boat Insurance Policy for Your Personal Watercraft

Most watercraft and boat insurance policies for personal watercraft cover these three areas;

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Medical payments

Most policies also include liability limits. However, those vary state by state. Liability coverage provides financial protection to you if you are caught in a lawsuit as a result of an accident. This policy also typically includes towing, wreckage removal and fuel spill indemnification. The personal insurance policy varies by the type if watercraft it is being purchased for. This is because every kind of watercraft carries different kinds of risks.

2. Every Personal Watercraft Needs for Be Insured by an Appropriate Watercraft and Boat Insurance


If you own several personal watercraft’s, then you will need each of them to be insured separately. As stated above, each watercraft carries its own brand of risks. Therefore, it is paramount that you purchase a policy specifically designed to cover the risks of that particular craft. You cannot purchase a single uniform policy for all the crafts and be done with it. It will cause problems in the long run.

3. Read Your Watercraft and Boat Insurance Policy Carefully

Majority of personal watercraft and boat insurance policies provide coverage based on who operates the boat. It matters whether you are operating the boat yourself or you have loaned it to someone else. The facts and circumstances are evaluated based on every individual case. The applicable laws and policy language also play a part in this. Regardless, in most cases, despite who is the operator, you would be covered for the following;

  • Damage to another watercraft or the dock
  • Bodily injury or death to another person due to operator’s negligence
  • Negligence of another operator while operating your personal watercraft
  • Towed water skiers or wake boarders getting themselves injured while using your watercraft
  • Physical damage to the hull, machinery and equipment
  • Injury caused by an uninsured watercraft operator

There are some coverages that are considered optional. You must select them personally. Read the policy carefully to ascertain you are getting the coverage you need.

4. Not Every Watercraft and Boat Insurance Policy Covers Everything

Depending on your insurance company and insurance policy, you might not be covered for everything you might need. A personal watercraft that has been modified to enhance speed and performance is usually not covered in a standard policy.

5. Consider Coverage Extras in Watercraft and Boat Insurance

There are other coverage areas that you should obtain more information. These include;

  • If the policy will cover replacement cost of personal items lost or damaged on-board
  • If the policy will replace actual cash value of the personal watercraft, if it is damaged during use
  • Roadside assistance if your tow vehicle or trailer is damaged
  • If the policy will cover costs of raising and removing the watercraft if it has sunk

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