What Does Your Business Owner Policy Cover?

What Does Your Business Owner Policy Cover?

Are you considering purchasing a Business Owner Policy and need to know what it covers? Welcome to the page, you are almost there. Running your business with bits and pieces of insurance coverage is like attempting to construct a fortress without all of the walls. Regular policies might miss important areas, leaving your business open to risks. A Business Owner Policy is like the protector cape your company needs. It fills in the holes and protects it from all kinds of threats.

Have you ever had unexpected problems stop your business from running smoothly? The financial fallout can be bad if you don’t have a strong safety plan. Now, imagine a Business Owner Policy as the person who solves all of your problems. It makes things easier by putting all of your safety needs into one neat package that you can handle. Insurigo Inc. is among the top insurance-providing companies in Texas and nearby areas offering reliable Business Owner policies that are tailored to meet your business-specific needs. Contact us today to book an appointment or get free quotes for further consultations.

Why is a Business Owner Policy the best thing for your company? It’s not enough to just do everything; it’s like having a smart friend who makes everything easier. You can save time, get things straight, and make sure your business is ready for a lot of risks. In this blog, we will help you know what is Business Owner Policy and how it assists in securing your business from unexpected events and lawsuits.

Business Owner Policy: What it is

A Business Owner Policy (BOP) is a comprehensive package including general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and business interruption coverage. It is intended to provide broad protection to small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Owner Policy Cover is a Combination Insurance policy. It combines business property insurance with business liability insurance, to form a single package deal. The policy protects your business from any claims resulting from instances like theft, fire, or other covered disasters. Additionally, it helps cover a claim that could arise from your business’s operations. The commonly covered claims are the claims of bodily injury or property damage. Other claims, such as claims of personal, and advertising injury, are also processed.

A Business Owner Policy is one of the most popular corporate insurance policies in the world. The main reason behind such popularity is the option of customizing the policy. It can be altered to fit any kind of industry-specific business. Business Owner Policy also costs less than what you would have to pay if you bought all the packaged policies separately. In the United States, it is commonly considered the first step to acquire when looking for corporate insurance. Ensure the protection of your business from the very beginning. You will surely earn your rewards later on.

You have the full freedom to tailor cut a policy, so they can fulfill their unique needs. You can ask for additional coverages, such as;

  • Coverage for security breach
  • Income coverage for off-premise utility service
  • Various other specialized coverages

What Does A Business Owner Policy Cover?

A Business Owner Policy covers the costs of defending your company against certain lawsuits, repairing or rebuilding damaged property, paying medical bills for injured clients, and other expenses.

Business Owner Policy provides these protections by adding the following types of insurance, which most insurance firms include in their company owner’s policies:

General Liability Insurance

A small business owner’s first line of defense is general liability insurance, which is always included in their policy. General liability insurance covers the costs of defending against lawsuits claiming bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury. It can also pay compensation for medical claims.

Anyone who operates a small business should obtain general liability insurance; otherwise, they risk having a lawsuit deplete their profits. When signing a contract or applying for a small business loan, you may even be required to provide proof of liability insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

The other major coverage in a Business Owner Policy is business property insurance. Commercial property insurance can protect your business’s premises as well as its equipment and inventory. If your property is vandalized, stolen, lost, inadvertently broken, or damaged by weather, commercial property insurance will cover the repair or replacement costs.

Any business that owns or leases commercial space should carry commercial property insurance. Most landlords want their tenants to carry their commercial property insurance. You should also obtain this coverage if you make products, hold inventory, or store equipment.

Business Interruption Insurance

Most insurance providers include business interruption coverage in their company owner plans. Business interruption insurance compensates for lost income when your company’s operations are temporarily slowed or halted due to vandalism, theft, or another insured calamity.

Business interruption insurance is a sort of Business Owner Policy, that is a smart choice for any company with recurrent expenses, such as payroll. If your firm is unable to generate revenue for an extended period, business interruption insurance will assist you in meeting your responsibilities.

Who Needs Business Owner Policy

Any business that owns assets, such as equipment or inventory, could benefit from a Business Owner Policy. A BOP is also useful for anyone who has a physical business location.

Business Owner Policy is usually provided to companies with less than $5 million in annual revenue and fewer than 100 employees. Businesses in the following industries are eligible for Business Owner Policy:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Landlords of apartment buildings
  • Condominium associations
  • Wholesalers
  • Warehouses 

Businesses in the following industries are generally ineligible for Business Owner Policy because of the higher risks they face.

  • Manufacturers
  • Car dealerships
  • Bars and pubs
  • Banks are financial institutions
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Amusement parks

If you’re not sure if your business qualifies for a Business Owner Policy, contact Insurigo Inc., a reputable insurance provider in Texas and the surrounding areas. Our insurance broker can advise you on the sorts of company insurance you require. You may also request free quotations to check what coverage they provide.

Is Business Owner Policy Worth it

You can gain a lot of advantages by buying a Business Owner Policy. It is not a legal requirement, like many other insurance policies. However, it makes running a business organization very convenient. You can receive a lot of coverage for minimal premiums. Every business requires property and liability insurance. Business Owner Policy primarily consists of these two policies. 

A typical Business Owner Policy offers coverage for damage from fire, theft, lawsuits, and loss of income. Business Owner Policy Cover is a lot more affordable than buying separate policies. It is common sense to buy a policy that costs less while offering greater coverage parameters. Business Owner Policy is one such policy. 

Additionally, you can even add more coverages to the package. Business Owner Policy policy is highly customizable. It is specifically designed to satisfy all needs of small to mid-size businesses. You can gain additional coverage against data breaches, professional liability, errors and omissions, and more.

How Much is the Business Owner Policy

The average cost of a Business Owner Policy is about $53 per month or $636 per year. Adding supplemental coverages raises the cost of your Business Owner Policy. However, the cost of a BOP depends on several factors, including

  • Coverage limits

The coverage restrictions on your Business Owner Policy have a direct impact on the cost.

  • Industry

Higher-risk sectors with greater exposure will pay a higher premium than lower-risk industries.

  • Value and type of property

The cost of commercial property insurance on your Business Owner Policy is determined by the type and value of the property being insured. The cost increases as the property’s worth rises and the difficulty of replacement increases.

  • Business location and age

The cost of the Business Owner Policy is also affected by your business’s geographic location and length of time in operation. Newer firms typically pay greater premiums.

  • Size of the business

The more employees you have, the greater your risk exposure and the higher the cost of a Business Owner Policy.

  • Claims History

When offering you a premium, insurers carefully consider your claims history.

Insurigo Inc. is a prominent company providing unmatched Business Owner Policy in Texas and nearby areas. We employ the best brokers in the team having distinguished expertise and years of experience in the relevant field. You can rely on us to acquire a customized Business Owner Policy for your business needs. Get a quote for a free consultation.


A Business Owner Policy (BOP) is a useful safety nеt that can be changed to fit your nееds. Bеing a businеss ownеr comеs with somе risks. Things you can’t plan for and likе property loss or liability claims and could put your success at risk. Don’t forgеt that your business is unique. Because of this, your Business Owner Policy should be tailorеd to your industry and risk lеvеl and sizе. Fееl frее to talk to a professional if you nееd hеlp knowing thе ins and outs of businеss insurancе or makin’ a custom plan. If you have a good Business Owner Policy you can be sure that your important project is safe no matter what happens in the future. This will give you the confidence to do your job. Insurigo Inc. is your go-to company for providing exceptional Business Owner Policy in  Texas and nearby areas. You can trust us to get our distinguished insurance coverage that is tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.


Does a Businеss Ownеr Policy covеr businеss intеrruptions?

Yеs, a Business Owner Policyoftеn includеs covеragе for businеss intеrruptions, hеlping mitigatе financial lossеs during unеxpеctеd disruptions likе natural disastеrs or othеr unforеsееn еvеnts.

Can a Businеss Ownеr Policy covеr lеgal еxpеnsеs?

Absolutеly, many Business Owner Policies providе covеragе for lеgal еxpеnsеs, offering financial support if your business faces lawsuits or lеgal challеngеs.

Is my businеss еquipmеnt covеrеd undеr a Businеss Ownеr Policy?

Yеs, a Business Owner Policy typically includеs covеragе for businеss еquipmеnt, еnsuring that your tools, machinеry, and technology arе protеctеd against damagеs or lossеs.

What does a Businеss Ownеr Policy (BOP) covеr?

A Business Owner Policy typically covеrs property and liability, offering protеction for your business assеts, and safеguarding against lеgal claims arising from injuriеs or damagеs.

Arе еmployееs covеrеd undеr a Businеss Ownеr Policy?

Yеs, a Business Owner Policy oftеn includеs covеragе for еmployееs, providing protеction in casе of work rеlatеd injuriеs or accidеnts and еnsuring both your businеss and your еmployееs arе sеcurе.