Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage in Corona Virus Outbreak

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage in Corona Virus Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many losses throughout the economic sector. Businesses are closed down by the governmental order. The employees are sitting at home. There is a general air of uncertainty, especially in United States. The number of infected continues to rise every day. Consequently, the government restrictions also keep getting more severe in order to stem the tide of virus. The majority of employed individuals are especially affected since they have no way to maintain their earnings. In light of such plight, workers compensation insurance may rove to be very beneficial.

While the U.S. Government has launched several relief packages and loan programs to help small business owners. But workers’ compensation insurance may provide better hope for them to help their employees meet their financial challenges.

Importance of Workers Compensation Insurance in Corona Virus

The way an employee contracts the disease will determine if it could be covered by a mainstream worker’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately, most exposure cases may rule out the contraction of corona virus as work related injuries or condition.

Any injury or condition that arises directly as a result of the employment conditions is covered under worker’s compensation insurance. If the infection was contracted directly because of the job, then it may receive coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance in Corona virus Outbreak

Example; Employees working in healthcare sector may contract corona virus from the close contact with victims. They will be entitled to receive a healthy compensation if this happened. Workers’ compensation insurance policy services will come very handy in such circumstances. Any cases out of healthcare sector would most likely be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The Support Needed for a Successful Corona virus Claim

An employee needs to meet certain criteria for a claim of compensation through worker’s compensation insurance to succeed. These criteria include;

  • The employee must face an increased risk of contraction of virus due to his or her role in the job.
  • The employee could not have contracted the disease elsewhere. This point requires being established with much care.
  • A specific event or a date could be identified by employee which led to his or her contraction of virus.

All of these conditions can be quite hard to establish beyond a reasonable doubt, especially for corona virus. There is an incubation period of 2-14 days in this disease. Which makes tracking the source extremely difficult. Filing for workers compensation insurance is pretty useless without fulfilling above conditions.

Unemployment Insurance

The workers’ compensation insurance is not the only way to gain coverage in light of coronavirus. The Labor Department of USA has announced new guidance on administering unemployment insurance. It allows the compensation payment to be paid if;

  • A business ceases its operations on a temporary basis because of coronavirus.
  • A worker is held in quarantine due to risk of infection temporarily.
  • If an employee loses its job due to the risk of infection or to care for a sick family member.

These guidelines are mere recommendations at the moment. The States will individually need to contact and notify their business community of the implementation of Federal Recommendations.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage in Dallas, Texas

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